Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I started this blog with the intent to write every week.  My first theme was to blog through the alphabet and I've not been too great at it.  I've paused on the letter R for so very long it's pathetic.  So, R will be for RESOLUTION! My resolution!  I want to blog so much more this year.... and away we go!

Every year Pantone chooses what will be their color of the year.  2013 is the year for Emerald (Emerald 17-5641 if you want to be technical) and I think it's fabulous!

Photo by Pantone

Emerald green is relaxing yet energizing...  elegant and lush yet everyday...

This is the color that can make you a grand dame at the party...

Photo from Elle

...or can make Converse shoes fun for Sunday afternoon errands.

 Photo by Pantone

Since I am a redhead, I am especially fond of green since it fits my coloring/skintone so well.  Here's a picture of Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men fame) looking stunning in an emerald green dress.

Lastly, I wanted to list some of my jewelry and stitchery that would get you
accessorized with this great color!


Thanks for reading my latest post!  Be sure to share some of your emerald inspirations in the notes field.