Sunday, July 24, 2011

H is for Horticulture

So, we're blogging the alphabet and today is the H entry.  H is for Horticulture.  Horticulture is the science of plant cultivation, and it's the perfect topic for summertime.  Below you'll find some great horticultural listings from Etsy artists.

First up are three listings that I made with beautiful flowers.

Here are some plant and plant-inspired listings from other Etsy artists...

First, let's start with some plants and seeds.

Next are planters for those beautiful plants.

These next listings are items for the planters or garden for identifying plants.

These final listings are art pieces that are inspired by horticulture.

This has been a fun listing to write and compile.  I love summertime plants and vegetables.  Who doesn't like eating fresh from the garden or farmer's market?  Or being surrounded by gorgeous plants?  Get out there and enjoy the summer sunshine and the green growth around you!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

G is for Girly

I'm continuing to blog the alphabet and today is the letter G.  G is for Girly.

We'll start off with one of my one of my necklaces.  It's girly because it's so pretty!

This is another necklace that I made and it's pretty, too.  This one is girly because it's pretty but also because it's off kilter.  You know a woman who is keeping the balance of the family, work, and home.  Everything is a little off kilter, but she keeps it aligned anyway...  and all while looking lovely.

Below you'll find items by other wonderful Etsy artists that are girly in their own ways.

It's girly to be proud of your spouse, your spouse's profession, and want to show your pride.  Just like the picture below, this shirt is for the gal who loves being a Fire Wife.  :)

It's girly to want nice, fragrant, flowery soaps.

And it's girly to want nice-smelling locks, too.

It's girly to be into makeup, especially vegan mineral makeup.

It's girly to be addicted to lip balm/gloss/stick, too.

Lusty Lip Lush with a Hint of Shimmer by DressGreen on Etsy

Perfect Pink Mineral Lipstick by petalx on Etsy

It's girly to be an awesome sister.

Bonds of Love by KellyBerkeyArt on Etsy

It's girly to be a mommy....

Makin Bacon Lampwork Bead by Gelly on Etsy

to love being a mom...

Fireflies - Mae and Bebe by KatHannah on Etsy

and to not want children, too.

Just Because I Have A Uterus... by the carboncrusader on Etsy

It's girly to be sporty.

Runner Girl Hand Stamped Necklace by JetSilverBeads on Etsy

It's also girly to be nerdy.

Cool Geek TShirt by PublicThreads on Etsy

It's definitely girly to be a feminist.

My Girlfriend is a Feminist by TheRadicalUprise on Etsy

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Thanks!  :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

F is for Family

Continuing through the alphabet for this blog series...

F is for Family.  Family is sometimes what you are born into and sometimes it is what you make...  and sometimes it's a little combination of both.  Below you'll find a collection of Etsy items that makes me think of family.

First, here's a necklace with a pendant that has a momma chicken and her baby chickie following behind her.

Here are family items by other Etsy artists...

So we've seen all kinds of family here and what's the main point to take away from this?  Whether you're a stormtrooper, robot, panda, deer, or gay; there's a family out there for you.  So, don't feel alone in this world because you're not.

Thank you for reading through my F entry.  Please post comments or suggestions for future listings in the comments section.  :)