Monday, May 7, 2012

Q is for Quirky!

Today's blog post is brought to you by the letter Q.  Q is such an odd letter... usually needs its buddy U, it sounds funny, and it looks a little funny, too.  One might say that the letter Q is quirky, and I would have to agree.

So...  this blog post will be about all things QUIRKY.  Quirky's definition is "full of quirks."  Thanks, dictionary, but I already knew that much.  ;)  So quirky really means being full of peculiarities in speech, action, personality, mannerisms, etc.  We've all got the quirks, now let's flaunt 'em.  Show your quirkiness with accessories, jewelry, home decor, etc.  And away we go!

Here are a few of the QUIRKY items that I have posted on Etsy :

If you're quirky, you've probably been caught having a me-time moment when you thought that no one else was looking.  This necklace represents your silly self caught in the act.  :)

Ever get so tongue-tied and twisted up that your silly brain only comes up with the witty retort of "Shut Your Piehole?" Yeah, you're much smarter than that, but your silly, quirky brain will only think of that awesome comeback three days after the event.  Oh well, you tried.  :)

It's no surprise that women are odd creatures that are at the whim of so many societal pressures, as well as going crazy with swirling hormones.  One minute you have to be the li'l kitten purring, then next minute you must be that ferocious, roaring tiger.  It's so difficult to be a lady!  ;)

So, those are just a few of my quirky listings.  Let's check out other Etsy artists and see what quirkiness is happenin' in their shops...

When it's casual Friday, you just want to be as comfy as possible.  This chick is just letting it all hang out in this awesome print!

Quirky and awkward describes Liz Lemon perfectly.  She's so odd and we can totally relate.

Let the light shine on your quirkiness... I mean, literally, with a suncatcher like this one.

What's that you say?  You're in need of a quirky brooch of a rabbit masked cat girl?  Look no further! 

Quirky folks have odd fears... and I think that this might be at the top of that list. :)

Quirky guys and gals sometimes play with their veggies...

What happens when a gal and a guy unite to make a quirky couple??  They need odd accessories for their home... or in this case a piece of art for their shower.

Sometimes it's just hard to tell with those quirky people...

The quirky heart wants what the quirky heart wants. Let there be no misunderstandings.  :)

Quirky people start out as quirky babies.  And by the looks of it, they are quirky babies with awesome accessories!

Don't be fooled into thinking that quirkiness is anything new.  Here's a vintage piece with quirky written all over it!

There are so many listings for quirky items on Etsy; I feel as though I could go on for days!  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  Please feel free to leave comments in the section below for this blog or suggestions for the R post coming soon.

Thanks again!!

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