Tuesday, October 25, 2011

M is for Metal

I'm still blogging the alphabet and now we're at the halfway point: M!  M is for Metal.  Metal doesn't have to be hard and masculine.  Metals can be worn and displayed in pretty, fashionable, feminine ways.

Here are some of my Etsy listings that use metal.  I'm a lover of metal, so this is only a taste...

And now here are listings from other wonderful Etsy artists that use metal beautifully...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

L is for Laughter

So, folks, I'm still blogging through the alphabet.  We're here today on the letter L.  L is for Laughter!  How could I resist??  First off, Laughter is my surname.  How awesome is that??  Secondly, it's laughter...  and who doesn't like to laugh?  Love and laughter make the world go 'round.  So, let's get it started....

I don't have any Etsy listings that directly have the word "laughter" scrawled on them.  However, I have cracked myself up with some of the pieces I've created.  Here are a few:

For this one I said that, "Your reputation precedes you, but you can wear this for the few folks that're out of the loop."  Yes, I think it's hilarious for someone to wear this necklace.  Definitely gear steered toward a confident person.

This framed cross stitch piece makes me laugh because of the contrast in the message and the frame.  One would think that something in a gold frame like that would be serious and then you see the message...  hilarious!  Also, cross stitch patterns are usually very goody-goody and this is snarky.  Love it!  I like to imagine that it will hang in someone's office at a bank or somewhere really stuffy.

Here are some other laughter pieces from some awesomely talented Etsy artists:

Antiqued Brass Giggle Pendant Necklace by KandKartistry on Etsy

Life's Greatest Remedy Laughter by mizzmufasa on Etsy

Tickled Pink by ComoSiComoSa on Etsy

I Love Laughs Small Serving Plate by Mudcakes on Etsy

This was so much fun!!  Thank you for tagging along on my trip through Laughter.  Please feel free to leave comments below for this entry or ideas for the M blog post.  Thanks!