Wednesday, November 9, 2011

O is for OCTOPUS

For those of you who are new to my blogging efforts, I am blogging my way through the alphabet.  Today's jaunt takes us to O, and I was torn as to whether it should be for owls or octopi.  I love both so much in their quirky, kitschy ways and they are both hot in fashion trends.  The only way to decide any serious debate is to arm wrestle for it.  And I think you know who won...  Octopus!

Here are a few of my Etsy listings that feature an octopus.

First, in a super-cute ring...

Next up is a an octopus in shiny brass on a statement necklace...

Here are listings from other wonderfully-talented Etsy artists who feature an octopus in their work.

Ah!  There are so many octopi listings on Etsy.  It's so much fun and I've only scratched the surface.  I'd love to hear your comments on this topic or suggestions for the letter P, so drop a line in the comments section below.  You can also find me at  beaotch.comfacebook, or twitter.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

N is for Naughty!

Hiya, folks.  So I'm blogging the alphabet and we've arrived at the letter N.  N is for Naughty!  Naughty is defined as "mildly rude or indecent, typically related to sex."  I am a crafter with a love for all things fun and funky.  I have a soft spot for items which are sassy or of questionable decorum, so this blog post is right up my alley!!  :)

Here are a few of my Etsy listings that are just a bit Naughty...

Here are listings from other wonderful Etsy artists who are a bit naughty, too...

Well, I could go on and on for days with this topic, but our Naughty time has come to an end.  Please feel free to leave comments on this blog entry or suggestions for the O entry in the section below.  You can also find me on Facebook or Twitter and on